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Lisa Beth Brock

Lisa is the managing director of a dynamic phlebotomy school and brings with her a wealth of experience in medical sales. She actively serves on the board of the I Am movement and holds the position of Vice President of Operations for Lamborghini Club Dallas. Committed to making a difference, Lisa dedicates her time weekly to various community initiatives, driven by her deep compassion for the elderly. Inspired by her own journey, where both herself and her daughter confronted mental health disorders stemming from deficiencies, Lisa founded Raising Rivers. Through this endeavor, she aims to empower parents with holistic insights, advocating for themselves and their children with compassion and understanding.

Tyler Berger
General Counsel

Meet Tyler, the owner and founder of Berger Law Firm, PLLC, who brings a wealth of expertise in business transactional matters and intellectual property services. With a focus on trademark prosecution, copyrights, and contracts, Tyler has honed her skills to provide top-notch legal guidance. Driven by personal experience, Tyler understands the emotional toll of watching a loved one struggle to uncover the root of their illness. She believes that the pain affects everyone involved profoundly.

Dr. Carolyn Rachaner

Introducing Dr. Carolyn, a committed champion of holistic health within our nonprofit organization, Raising Rivers. Leveraging her expertise as a Traditional Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, and Certified Food Addiction Coach, she plays an integral role in guiding individuals toward optimal well-being. Dr. Carolyn's dedication is rooted in empowering our community to embrace healthy food choices and lifestyle habits as fundamental components of a fulfilling life. Through her empathetic approach, she adeptly connects the dots between symptoms and overall health, providing invaluable insights to those in search of solutions. With a steadfast commitment to personalized care, Dr. Carolyn endeavors to assist each individual in uncovering their unique journey to vitality, energy, and genuine wellness. At Raising Rivers, Dr. Carolyn enriches our mission with her wealth of knowledge and unwavering passion for holistic health.

Christopher Martin

Chris Martin, founder and President of the I AM MVMT, is known for his consultant work, leadership, and ability to develop and shift cultures. As a philanthropist and international keynote speaker, Chris has a unique global perspective and hands-on experience in pioneering, scaling, and crushing stagnant paradigms. With a unique global perspective, Chris is focusing on raising a movement of elite leaders that affects every sphere of society. As a passionate influencer, spiritualist, humanitarian, and philosopher, Chris has experience in various high-level businesses and is a trusted advisor to a vast majority. Born and raised in California, Martin’s knowledge, charisma, and edge set him apart from the competition. His focus on connecting people to their most precise inflection-point of purpose provides vetted advantages of connection and the ability to earn relational equity.